Teimour Radjabov: “if Ding made a mistake, I would have the opportunity to gain the dominance”

The third round games are held in “Shamkir Chess 2019” in the Memory of Vugar Hashimov. Completed a while ago,  the Azerbaijani chess player, Teimour Radjabov played a draw with Ding Liren, the Chinese grandmaster in today's part. 

Teimour Radjabov answered the questions of journalists after his third draw in a row in Shamkir. Radjabov stated that there was not any dominance in each side: “I was repeating my part until the 27th move which I have done many years ago in another tournament. Ding Liren played very wisely, he did not make any mistake. If there was any mistake, I had a chance to gain the dominance. Simply, Liern was very careful, he did not create any chance even for once”. 

Our grandmaster talked about his desire to establish his own academy in the future: “ Currently, I am focused only on my career. However, I cannot hide my thoughts about opening a chess academy. I would like to see the presence of a special place for kids who wants to learn chess. There, kids will be taught chess, and I will try to share my knowledge with them. Nowadays, it is impossible to realize this desire. I do not want to own the academy, but go there only once in a year. If I start this work, I should try to realize the public trust till the end as a professional. If they trust me and take their kids to my academy, they have to see me there as well”.

The Chinese representative, Ding Liren stated that the opponent came prepared to the game: “Teimour made a very interesting opening. There were several options. I achieved to be careful as far as I can. The victory was not obvious. I did not let the opponent gain the dominance, therefore there was not any need to prolong the game”. 

D. Liren noted that he does not spend much time on social networking sites. According to him, he only shares one photo in a month: “There are not Facebook, Instagram or Twitter in China. I mean it is not used widely. We have our own social networking. Therefore, I have registered on local one. I believe that social networking is a waste of time. Particularly, for this reason, I am not active too much on it”.

Press Service of “Shamkir Chess 2019”