Shahriyar Mammadyarov: "I cannot play to win against members of national team"

The Azerbaijani grandmaster, Shahriyar Mammadyarov played a draw in the second round of "Shamkir Chess 2019" tournament, as well.

Mammadyarov shared the score with his partner in the national team, Teimour Radjabov in this time. Shahriyar stated these about the game in the press conference: "The draw is unavoidable. Recently, many people talks about the increasing number of draws in chess. Talking is very easy about it. When you play inside of the game, you see that playing for a triumph is impossible. Sometimes, although you play for 4-5 hours, it is impossible to see any chance of victory. Therefore, I believe that, FIDE should think about draws. Actually, it should be given to the willing of grandmasters. If they do not want to see any draw, they should amend the rules. In the game held in Stravanger, playing a draw is not allowed. If the game ends up with equality, grandmasters are asked to play additional Blitz game in order to define the winner".

Furthermore, Shahriyar Mammadyarov talked about the difficulty of competing against a national team member: "Many-years relationship ties us into one another. It is all about the mentality. We are all a family in the national team. Imagine that, if needed we share our debuts, as well. There is no any secret between me and Teimour. There have been many games in which Teimour helped me a lot. Sometimes, I have shared my debut to my team mates. It is quite difficult to see this kind of moments in other teams. They all have an opponent attitude towards each other. There were lots of moments when we won the game within the Azerbaijani National Team. It has been a lot that we play in the national team and this one is not a casual relationship. Many years ago when we played with Eltaj in Shamkir, the victory was very essential for me. I had to win the game. I made a mistake, although I had a dominance in one part, I fixed my mistake very difficulty. However, I was in the mind of winning the game. Frankly speaking, I should admit that I cannot play for the victory against members of the national team. I never feel any principality against a colleague whom is my friend. however, it is true that, it does not happen too often".

Shahriyar Mammadyarov stated that we is going to participate at the European Club Championship this year as well: "I have got very interesting offer. Right now, I cannot release the name of the club. You will see me in the personnel of a very assertive team".

The Press Service of "Shamkir Chess 2019"