April in Shamkir

April in Shamkir

In memoriam Vugar Gashimov

On ancient and quiet river Kura,

Petals rendezvous in Shamkir,

To start the gala contest

In blushed flowers of April.


Those petals came hier to honour,

The crowns of high spirit minds:

Vugar, you remain in the memory

Of our souls and the hot burning hearts!


Once, you’ve been watching the stars,

Full of depth with your mistery eyes,

And often you’d move stars around

On a giant chessboard in the skies.


You’ve gone much too early to height,

To the throne along to the heaven,

The thread of the legend you’ve weaved:

Gashimov, the Azeri King!


On quiet and ancient river Kura,

Red flowers waltz into April,

They gently compile to the Caspic

It’s the great contest in Shamkir!


Dan Gabăr

Shamkir, 24 April 2018

(translated from Romanian by GM Dorian Rogozenco)