FIDE president played football with star grandmasters in Shamkir

The traditional football match have been held in “Shamkir Chess 2019” Super-tournament in the memory of Vugar Hashimov on the free day. This time, there were four team to compete. “FIDE”  with Arkady Dvorkovich being the captain,  “Azerbaijan Chess Federation” with the command of Faig Hasanov, and “ Grandmasters”, “Organizers” teams were competing for the victory. 

Being accordance to the rulers, teams have flighted in a circular system with each other.  In the end “Organizers” team won the game. The second place was occupied by “Grandmasters” team in which Magnus Carlsen was playing in it as well. 

We should note that, traditionally, grandmasters participate in the football match every year on the free day.

The Press Service of "Shamkir Chess 2019"