Shahriyar Mammadyarov: “If I lost this game, I would think to go back home from Shamkir”

The fourth round of “Shamkir Chess 2019” Super-tournament in the memory of Vugar Hashimov was ended up. Playing a draw with the Czech grandmaster David Navara within this round, the Azerbaijani grandmaster Shahriyar Mammadyarov gave the interview to the official website of the tournament. 

- We have watched a difficult game again in the fourth round. It was seen in the game against David Navara that, you have not forgotten your loss against Vishwanatan Anand in the third round.

- I have played ideally against Anand. Perhaps, I have not had any game with such a dominance in recent months. The computer was demonstrating the obvious victory. I am very pity of doing meaningless time waste. I made several mistakes. I lost my time on thinking a lot, and finally I was being obliged to agree with the draw. Already, I would have agreed the draw, however, I preferred to play for the triumph. Eventually, losing in this kind of a game really affects you. Insteda of winning and being among leaders, I am in the low places. Certainly, it affects me negatively much.

- What happened in the game against David Navara?

- I would say, the same game was repeated. I played very risky in the debut, and got the dominance. Then I lost the dominance within one move, and my situation got bad. Even I would have lost the game. The end-game was not what I wanted. I start the game well, nevertheless I cannot continue the dominance till the end. It was very risky game. I was disappointed when I saw the worst situation. If I lost, I would think to go back home from Shamkir. My game was not successful, therefore several starnge thoughts were coming to my mind. 

- Is it possible to call the former World Champion Vishwanatan Anand an unlucky opponent for you?

- I want to win in each game against Anand. Maybe this sense hinders me. I have had several good dominances against him in the games, however, I could not have used them. I turn that dominance into a victory against other players. However, I cannot get what I want against Anand. Sometimes, it happens in grandmasters. It seems that, Anand collects the scores form us and gives them to Magnus. He plays very well with young generation-with my peers. He is the grandmaster who has won the Candidates Tournament two times. He is not a difficult opponent. Simply, you should be psychologically ready to the game against him.

- There is one more difficult game ahead. You are going to play with black pieces against the World Champion Magnus Carlsen in the next round.

-My position is unpleasant in the tournament. I would say that I had many losses. When it comes to the game against Magnus, I expect a very interesting competition. It is possible to fight comfortably for the triumph. Certainly, I am far behind the leaders. When everything is good, you are always intimidated about any loss. However, in this kind of position, the tournament can be good again for me.

- Have you come without any second to Shamkir?

-I have come with my friend. Nowadays, it is very convenient to work with computer. It is possible to help via Internet. Eltaj Safarli is going to come to Shakir in the upcoming days. He was participating in the European Championship, therefore he could not come in previous rounds. Eltaj will help me in last rounds. Change is always essential  after the loss. I should say, Eltaj’s arrival was being planed in advance. 

- Do you watch the FIDE rating? Because, after some unlucky games, your position changes…

-Before, we used to look forward the rating. However, nowadays, we are not waiting for the rating with the same excitement. Mostly, we watch it on various sites. The rating is very crucial. All people play for being on the top of the rating. The main is having a triumph in the tournament. I am ready to lose the rating in two tournaments, but then win in the strong game.

- Whose championship chance is higher in “Shamkir Chess 2019” Tournament?

- Magnus Carlsen is a favorite. Teimour has a good dominance in the first round. It would have been possible to rise this dominance. Unfortunately, Radjabov lost his dominance. Magnus started to play more confident after this. He won two times in a row. I would like to note Ding Liren as well, besides Magnus. Certainly, I believe that the leader can be change in the upcoming rounds.

- Some people believe that, opponent intimidate in the game against Magnus, they usually get nervous. Do you agree with this opinion?

- it is all known that he is better than all other participants. He surpass his opponents from the physical point of view, as well. He is able to change the game. I do not believe that grandmasters intimidate from him.  It is just a game. I can speak about me. The game against Magnus is more interesting. I know that, my opponent is better than me. When you beat strong opponent, it makes you more happy.

The Press Service of "Shamkir Chess 2019"