Pavel Elyanov


Born 10 May 1983, FIDE rating 2751 (April 2017)

He has won two team gold and one silver medals, and one individual silver medal at Chess Olympiads.

Eljanov won the Corus B 2007 in Wijkaan Zee, the Netherlands with a score of 9/13.  

In February 2012, he tied for 1st–3rd in the 11thAeroflot Open.

In May 2010, he won the Astrakhan FIDE Grand Prix with a score of 8/13.  

In Ukraine Men’s final in 2014 he won the first place with the score of 7.5-11.

He acted as a second for Gelfand in the World Chess Championship, for Carlsen in the World Chess Championship 2013, and for Muzychuk in the Women's World Chess Championship 2016.